Nate LeBlanc explores the career of the influential producer, from DJ battles at twelve years old to being a hip-hop elder statesman.
I co-host a podcast with this fellow (oh judontknow), so I am absolving myself of all critical objectivity. This is the new single, “Up in the Air” from Nocando’s forthcoming Jimmy the Burnout.  I don’t watch George Clooney movies so I have no clue about its veracity. I dig the song though. In other Low […]
All praise due to the Cut Chemist for ripping a cassette tape from a KDAY Friday Night Live, circa 1985. It starts with “Rock Box” and Toddy Tee’s “Batterram” and soars from there. Plus,  guest spots from Rappinstein and LL during the time when “Rock the Bells” was a new single, not a festival featuring […]