Fresh from a 13-month hiatus, the Low End Theory podcast returns.
For the last two episodes, the bass system bombers whose names are printed over the flames above, have opted to eradicate the guest format and stick to the residents. The idea (I imagine) is that it’s a closer approximation of the Low End Theory aesthetic, which evolves every month around a new iteration of what’s […]
Almost a year had elapsed since the last Low End Theory podcast. To be honest, I thought they might be quietly done. The night still cracks every Wednesday, but the podcasts seemed to be the best way to articulate the indefinable. There are only so many adjectives for “awesome” and at a certain point, saying […]
I co-host a podcast with this fellow (oh judontknow), so I am absolving myself of all critical objectivity. This is the new single, “Up in the Air” from Nocando’s forthcoming Jimmy the Burnout.  I don’t watch George Clooney movies so I have no clue about its veracity. I dig the song though. In other Low […]