Will Hagle takes a look at another ascendant Dallas rapper, Curtis Mayz.
Torii MacAdams explains why this Lord Byron may end up more important than that Lord Byron.
Torii MacAdams recalls rappers before Romantic poets. When I think of Dallas, a city my father left for good at 18, I think of ranch-style homes lining wide avenues; the smell of early summer’s humidity and rain, a result of North Texas’ lightning-filled plains. I think of Big Tex, the Cotton Bowl, and my ruddy-faced uncle […]
Can’t You ADD+? March 8, 2012
If ADD+ were managed by Cinematic Music Group (K.R.I.T., Nipsey, Curren$y), they’d probably already be the subject of feverish blog hype. Lucky for them that they’re allowed to build their base organically, getting enough attention to keep the goalposts moving, but not so much that they fall for some stupid major label $50K advance that […]
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