Download: Passion of the Weiss Mix Series – Danny Swain’s “Hour of Power” The rap game forces patience. Barring the occasional Odd Future fluke, ascent is usually a war of attrition. The Curren$y and Atmosphere model is more common. Slow persistent build, one underground show and mixtape at a time until you force your way […]
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Danny!-“Scrambled Eggs” October 5, 2009
Savannah-based Danny Swain has never been one for conventionality, so it’s unsurprising that the first words of the lead single for his long-awaited Def Jux debut are “pass me the pomegranate jelly spread.” Rather than kick the trite “I’m Me,” intro manifesto, Danny does a left-field jag that aligns him nicely with his defiantly weird […]
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