Tales from the Darkside April 22, 2014
I caught Darkside last week at Coachella and it made me feel like a ancient Bedouin watching a comet streak past. Some freakish slip n’ slide of divinity. That sounds overwrought in daylight or via LED screen, but there’s something futile in searching for the proper vocabulary or a scientific debunking. Sometimes delusion is preferable. […]
Darkside Mix: Modcast 173 January 31, 2014
The latest mix from the greatest hair in contemporary dance music. You have plaudits for the Biebs mane, but what about Dave Harrington. This thing has more lift than Blake Griffin. You could build a condominium inside that nest big enough for Young Thug. There are some of Harrington’s edits on this mix, some Darkside […]
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For all the Jaar heads out there. Darkside, live at the Boiler Room. The noise you hear in the background is them hollering Pink Floyd back. Been a minute since I revisited Meddle or Obscured by Clouds. Jaar on a previously Boiler Room below the jump. Via GVB
Alex Koenig set the controls for the heart of the sun. Like a vintage, blurry black-and-white Polaroid picture you discover in your cobwebbed attic, the enigmatic songcraft of Nicolas Jaar conjures a thousand words, memories, and inflections. Pitchfork’s Mike Powell qualified it as “Purring, spectral music with shades of R&B and an exquisite attention to […]
Nicolas Jaar in full trip-hopping “Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust” mode. Dave Harrington with the bluesy psychedelia. The Darkside duo do not release anything less than excellent songs and manage to invalidate all ideas about bluesy guitar riffs and a Pink Floyd influence being a deal breaker. It’s not the ideas themselves […]
Darkside of the Muse August 26, 2013
When I interviewed Nicolas Jaar, he professed an unapologetic love of Pink Floyd and psychedelic music. In retrospect, it should seem unsurprising. You can hear the woozy patience of Meddle in the moody builds and abstruse sounds he incorporates into his songs. He also named his project with Tim Harrington after the British stoners’ most […]
Jonah Bromwich is a jaarhead. An awkward metaphor for you: Random Access Memories is like a chair made out of oak, crafted by those with knowledge of the ancient and highly esoteric craft of chair-making. It’s a solid, dependable album and it’s about as exciting as a well-made place to park it. Spoiler alert, Thomas […]