Jordan Pedersen thanks Black Orpheus for introducing bossa nova to America, but thinks it’s a garbage movie. The folks behind Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds, the new compilation from Favorite Recordings, must have been unbearably bored growing up. “Can’t you fogies speed it up?” they must’ve thought as bossa nova rose to prominence in the 60s and […]
Producer Futurewife, electropop group Sister Girlfriend, and vocalist Tiffany Wan – they’re all from Seattle – are here to keep summer alive with the best defibrillator music has to offer: hot disco beats.
Chromatics, the Killers April 2, 2012
Jonah Bromwich does it better. When grappling with a work of art, it’s occasionally helpful to imagine it within a different medium. That’s a pretty pretentious idea, so allow me to illustrate. The Wire is a commonly used example: the staggering depth, characterization, and pacing reminded most critics of a novel not a TV show. […]
Fuck Calvin Harris, Larry Levan invented disco. Yeah, you can credit at least a dozen people with the creation of the relatively ephemeral fad that swept New York and Comiskey Park in the late 70s and early 80s: Giorgio Moroder, Frankie Knuckles, Sal Abatiello, Tony Manero, Disco Stu. But for the purposes of this blog […]
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Pharoahs – “What???” August 11, 2011
PHARAOHS – WHAT teaser from 100% Silk on Vimeo. First person to combine Egyptian Lover with the KLF wins. From the forthcoming EP on LA imprint 100% Silk. Via Dublab More Pharoahs but little Monch below the jump.