Jordan Pedersen remembers everything about his fazthaaa. More boogie to make an ass out of yourself to on the dance floor. There’s probably a few butt puns in there but I’ll leave it to you to fill in the holes. Favorite Recordings put out an excellent collection of Brazilian disco boogie from 1978-1982 this past December, and now Cultures of […]
Jordan Pedersen thanks Black Orpheus for introducing bossa nova to America, but thinks it’s a garbage movie. The folks behind Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds, the new compilation from Favorite Recordings, must have been unbearably bored growing up. “Can’t you fogies speed it up?” they must’ve thought as bossa nova rose to prominence in the 60s and […]
Harold Stallworth has selective hearing. Kev Brown had one hell of a Christmas vacation. Last year, the hip-hop producer spent the better part of two months gallivanting around eastern Brazil, soaking up the warm tropical sun and programming beats featured on his latest instrumental album, Brazil Dedication. More than eight months removed from what Kev […]