Live in Tijuana With DJDS August 8, 2016
A look at DJDS new classic, "Live in Tijuana."
Two of LA's best house producers drop gems, re-work Timmy Thomas, bat-flip with wanton disregard.
Harrison Samphir believes Jose Offerman should be free Samo Sound Boy (Sam Griesemer) and Jerome LOL (Jerome Potter) were relatively obscure names in L.A.’s dance music subculture until they completed an EP called Stadium Status under the moniker DJ Dodger Stadium in 2011. Combining the uptempo, looping vocals of Baltimore ghetto-house and Miami bass with […]
If one is the loneliest number than LA is the loneliest city, a metropolis founded on the selfish water grabs, fame vision quests, and solitary odysseys. You can go weeks without communicating with a single soul and many of us want it that way. Of course, should you go to a Dodger game, you’ll be […]