A conversation about cassettes and Prince with the newest signing to DJ Shadow's Liquid Amber label.
Brian Josephs sleeps with the lights on to avoid being white-appropriated. With all the pints of ink that’s been used to dissect it, it’s easy to forget to take a step back in awe at the fact that Endtroducing… was made by a twentysomething-year-old human with a bunch of samples. DJ Shadow’s masterwork is an […]
The masses abandoned Shadow on The Outsider, when he attempted to recast himself squarely within the Bay Area hip-hop lineage — right where he’s always belonged. Since he was a teenager submitting mixes to K-MEL, Shadow has been the definition of hip-hop: he takes influences from everything from forgotten records to found sounds to classic […]
Shadow needs no contextualization. Josh Davis from Davis. The one-time teenaged prodigy, who memorized Steinski’s lessons and propelled them forward like vectors– creating a complex geometry of samples and esoteric sounds. The first single off “Endtroducing” was “What Does Your Soul Look Like,” and Shadow sought to provide a mirror, unearthing miracles at Rare Records […]
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