The new record from Commodo carries on the tradition of RJD2 and DJ Shadow.
In advance of his sixth solo album, "Bells and Whistles," Blockhead talks gentrification, simplicity, and the New York Knicks.
Brian Josephs sleeps with the lights on to avoid being white-appropriated. With all the pints of ink that’s been used to dissect it, it’s easy to forget to take a step back in awe at the fact that Endtroducing… was made by a twentysomething-year-old human with a bunch of samples. DJ Shadow’s masterwork is an […]
For the first time, all Low End Theory residents did an interview in the same room. It happens to be on the new episode of Shots Fired. Such things are made easier when your co-host is one of the five residents. If you’ve ever wondered the backstory behind one of the most influential music weeklies […]
Matt Shea is relieved. Tim Shiel has spent most of the last two years roaming the world sharing drinks carts with Gotye, as Wally De Backer’s “Making Mirrors” went viral, international, number one and everything else. So when producer and multi-instrumentalist Shiel returned to his Faux Pas project late last year with a series of […]
Almost a year had elapsed since the last Low End Theory podcast. To be honest, I thought they might be quietly done. The night still cracks every Wednesday, but the podcasts seemed to be the best way to articulate the indefinable. There are only so many adjectives for “awesome” and at a certain point, saying […]
Chris Daly also favors insurrections. By their very nature, compilation albums tend to be very hit or miss affairs, but when you have a stable of artists and quality control that rivals Berlin-based Project: Mooncircle, odds are your beats will beat said odds. On their 2013 edition, Uprising, my theory remains intact. On each of […]
Peter Holslin speaks fluent Dothraki Speak Soon Volume One may be the closest that experimental beat music gets to easy listening. A new EP featuring Prefuse 73 and Teebs—two celebrated producers from the headiest hinterlands of instrumental hip-hop, coming together here under the name Sons of the Morning. It offers 28 minutes of smeary synth […]
Chris Daly is seven years of bad luck. Late night and dusty is how I like my beats. You know this by now, mang. If you’re producing jawns appropriate for well past the midnight hour, odds are you have my ears’ full attention. That said, I’m not unwilling or unable to leave my comfort zone. […]
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Aaron Frank is in favor of everlasting bass. It’s only been a few weeks since Perera Elsewhere (aka Sasha Perera) first emerged with her startlingly brilliant single “Bizarre.” Known to many as the lead singer of Berlin-based electronic trio Jahcoozi, Perera takes a more measured and relaxed approach to her solo work, particularly on “Bizarre,” […]