The back-and-forth with Drake has been a brutalist beef, and there is still an uncomfortable public reckoning. But on “Not Like Us”, everything briefly ties together, in the name of California.
Song of the Day returns for a new week, featuring a rapper you may have heard of.
In the latest installment of his Rappers of the Decade series, Abe Beame takes on the monumental task of writing something interesting on the Toronto rap superstar.
Son Raw flips the dial back ten years to point out why supporters of Drake's debut mixtape have been wrong all along.
Miguelito examines the sting-less "Scorpion"
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On Robotics April 8, 2018
and Drake.
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A look at the highs and lows of Drake's "More Life" playlist.
A look back at how this unlikely fixture of pop culture become worthy of such extreme amounts of love and hate?
Drew Millard tells you why Drake's Views is a failure before attending to his ferocious pack of wild dogs.
The worst behaviour yet.