Before Eminem Became A Cyborg September 5, 2018
Zilla Rocca remembers the brief moment when Eminem was really fun
Alex Swhear explains how Eminem's new LP, 'Revival,' falls short.
Will Hagle does the dirty work, sifting through Youtube comments to find every different type of Eminem fan.
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Eminem, Rap Job October 15, 2013
Jonah Bromwich has a laptop in his front pocket. Eminem’s suffered from various problems for most of the last decade. Most importantly, he ran out of things to talk about after he exhausted the whining about his family and fame, and the more-nimble-than-funny pop culture jabs that kept seventh graders (me included) snickering and everyone […]
You never were supposed to trust Eminem. He was always honest, but rarely truthful. Slim Shady was the perfectly executed attempt to obscure everything. A song like “Rock Bottom” co-existed alongside “As the World Turns” and both felt bounded within the same white-teed realm. Somewhere around the time he realized that nobody wanted to see […]
Eminem Goes Berzerker August 28, 2013
Max Bell prefers Clarence Carter to Billy Squier. Eminem knows Recovery should be filed under pop, not hip-hop. So with “Berzerk,” Em claims he’s going to “take it back to straight hip-hop.” It’s a move in the right direction, but now that he’s as old as the genre itself he’s gone too far back. He’s on […]
Max Bell consulted Devon Sawa before composing this piece. On the 25th of January 2013, it will be fourteen years since the release of “My Name Is,” fourteen years since Marshall Mathers, the best selling-artist (period) of the 2000s, broke into the rap game, the TRL countdown, and the homes of every impressionable white child […]
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Deen has never watched the X Factor. Well, if it isn’t the Hail Mary to end all Hail Marys. If you’d told me back in 2006 that I’d fuck with a rap single with Adam Levine on the hook, I’d have called your mom a whore and told you to suck a bag of phalluses. […]
By Deen
Aaron Matthews isn’t American, but he gets the gist. Among popular rappers, Emimem’s sense of self-awareness is rivalled by only Jay and (arguably) 50 Cent. On his ’97 song “Low Down, Dirty,” he imitates a backpacker critiquing the Slim Shady EP: “Slim Shady, his tape is dope, I love it/It’s rugged, but he needs to […]
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Evan Nabavian was photo shopped out of this photo. For all the promise and accolades, the road to Yelawolf’s debut album did not inspire confidence. He signed a deal with the reanimated corpse of Shady Records and released two singles conceived by witless Interscope A&Rs. I was loath to admit it, but Radioactive seemed destined […]
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