An Interview With Anenon January 17, 2024
Will Schube speaks to the L.A.-based producer about how he translate emotions into his instrumentals, getting his start playing the sax out of an attempt to make his electronic music more interesting, why there would be no such things as singles if it were up to him and more.
J. Smith speaks to the prolific Chicano rapper about his latest album All to the Bueno, why it's his first in nine years, how growing up in Solana Beach made him work harder, making feel-good music about the state of his career and more.
Michael McKinney speaks to the singer/thespian about being introduced to music through gospel in the church, singing as a form of release, being inspired by science fiction while creating her new album Exit Simulation and more.
In his POW debut, Jackson Diianni speaks to the Philadelphia-born producer about his process of layering samples over vintage drums, creating a project with Knxlwledge to honor his late mother, being informed by feeling and more.
An Interview With Matmos December 19, 2023
Michael McKinney speaks to the experimental/electronic duo about the importance of albums as works of art, creating complete albums out of a washing machine and plastic, the difference between music and noise, and more.
In honor of the 10 year anniversary of the late DJ Rashad's influential footwork album Double Cup, Michael McKinney speaks to his close collaborator DJ Spinn about pushing the genre to mainstream attention, where he sees the album's influence popping up today and more.
Steven Louis speaks to the Oakland emcee about the difficulty of promoting her new album Another Summer Night while grieving, navigating Oakland's gentrification, going to therapy and more.
Donna-Claire speaks to the New York emcee about his latest album 14K Figaro reflecting his journey & patterns of destructive behaviour, rapping as a necessity, and more.
An Interview With DJ Wawa December 6, 2023
Michael McKinney speaks to the Brooklyn-based DJ about their winding journey through the music industry, connecting with the Brooklyn dance scene, developing a different way of viewing music through using vinyl and more.
Will Hagle speaks to the Ohio-born emcee about how being a father affected the creation of his new album KUMA, going through a break-up while watching Wayne's World, the influence of video games and their soundtracks and more.