Robert Ham speaks to the legendary hip-hop producer about composing the score for the forthcoming 'YE! A Jagun Story.' learning to adapt to Atmos, analog vs. digital and more.
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Chris Daly connects with Son Lux, the collective behind one of the year's best soundtracks to one of the year's best movies.
'2 Slizzy 2 Sexy' is a manifestation of Cash Cobain's alter ego, an unmercifully horny, straight-shooting lothario wrapping lyrical gems within eight-bar loops, Staley Sharples writes.
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On 'Burnished Sums,' YUNGMORPHEUS displays his chameleon-like ability to match the sonic backdrop of his collaborators while holding onto his own distinct voice.
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On 'King Cobra,' Brian Ennals and Infinity Knives craft an album that you can move to, as long as you’ll never be tip-toeing for no pigs.