Chris Daly speaks to the most experimental of experimental artists. For reasons of basic human decency, we have chosen not to summarize what this (hysterical) interview is about.
Slam on the CDJ returns with new sets from BIg Scraps, Lauren Flax, Phillip Sherburne, and more.
Mano Sundaresan speaks to the enigmatic Richmond rapper/producer about viewing his music as time capsules, collaborating with Wifigawd, Soulja Boy being an influence, and more.
Julian Brimmers speaks with the UK upstart about his run so far, and his unique perspective on pressure, fame and success.
Will Schube speaks with one-half of DJDS about the origin of the word abracadabra, trusting the process when working with Kanye West, and more.
Jake Rohn speaks to the Compton legend about staying consistent, the early days of his city's rap scene, and listening to more jazz.
Will Schube speaks with Stone about his hometown, his musical tastes not being confined to rap music, and more.
Loop Dreams: Nothing_neue October 22, 2020
Loop Dreams returns as the New York producer talks about being inspired to make beats by A$AP Rocky's debut, being in metal bands, his monthly beat showcase called (in plain sight.), and more.
TE P. speaks with the rising South Central rapper about his relationship with Nipsey Hussle, the devils populating the LAPD, and his mom always being called up to his middle school.
Joel Biswas speaks to the London saxophonist about going from studying to performing and teaching jazz music, the connection between London and Trinidad, and more.