AKAI has always been around–close to the boiling point of New York’s elite tier of DIY rap, but never with the opportunity to flex his muscles as a solo star... until now, Will Schube writes.
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The Australian fusionist's epic establishes itself as the delirious summer samba worth sweating over, Will Schube writes.
Tampa duo Vonne and Andre inked a deal with Jagjaguwar after dropping '666 Central Ave.' Now they celebrate with their latest single "Faux Leather."
On his latest project, cellist Christopher Hoffman lets the tape roll, letting his collaborators work out parts in real time.
Alexis Morel's passion for vocal harmonies and rock history shines through on the collaborative Gloria LP.
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Will Schube dives into the musician's latest, a trip through a rainbow of Molly dust, psilocybin capsules and unchecked joy.