LA’s Nfant is Up Next January 8, 2019
Will Schube takes a look at LA rising star, Nfant.
Will Schube speaks with the Hollywood legend about scoring the new Halloween film and leaving directing behind.
Will Schube breaks down the new Childish Gambino track.
Will Schube and Jordan Raf talk about fame, depression, and movies.
The debut single from Secretly Canadian's newest band, Whitney.
The Drive-In Theater returns with a look at the latest Coen Brothers feature, Hail, Caesar!
The Drive-In Theater returns for its second week, taking a look at The Revenant.
Bombino's new album promises to be great because the Black Keys are nowhere near it.
Will Schube talks with Deantoni Parks about working with John Cale, sampling as a means of communication, and jam bands.
Passion of the Weiss takes the week to celebrate the life and mourn the death of David Bowie.