The Great Hater: J-Zone October 15, 2014
Still mourning the tragic death of Imperial American Rap asshole, Tim Dog — the Queens rapper/producer/author/chinchilla emperor known as J-Zone has kept busy. Just yesterday, he let loose the “Stick Up b/w “Mad Rap” 7.” The former, a filthy Hammond groove worthy of Mulatu. The latter, a rant of misanthropic beauty aimed at soccer moms, […]
K-Def: Most Underrated August 31, 2011
Dan Love has returned from the land of the chief rocka to reminisce on one of the most unsung. With the recent resurrection of Curtis and Otis by Messrs. West and Carter, I felt compelled to contact my daddy and remind him that things move in cycles. He managed to miss the Q-Tip reference – […]
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