Jaap van der Doelen speaks to the drummer, beatmaker, and rap veteran about transitioning from "rapping about hating rap" to making breakbeat records.
Will Schube takes a look at the latest collaboration between J-Zone and Pablo Martin.
Doc Zeus tells you why we need more angry, funny rappers. Welcome back, J-Zone.
The Great Hater: J-Zone October 15, 2014
Still mourning the tragic death of Imperial American Rap asshole, Tim Dog — the Queens rapper/producer/author/chinchilla emperor known as J-Zone has kept busy. Just yesterday, he let loose the “Stick Up b/w “Mad Rap” 7.” The former, a filthy Hammond groove worthy of Mulatu. The latter, a rant of misanthropic beauty aimed at soccer moms, […]
Spring Mix – Has-Lo May 28, 2014
Has-Lo is hordeable, sportable, and totally affordable Spring is my favorite time of year. It’s not as hot as summer. Not as brutally cold as winter. Full of anticipation. Everything spreads out in front of us, waiting to be experienced. Once it got warm, you know school is coming to a close for the year. […]