"Another One" is available August 8th through Captured Tracks. Stream Mac's BBQ Jams below.
Will Schube is studying the benefits of the paleo diet Some weird form of joy nonchalantly oozes its way out of Mac DeMarco’s second full-length, Salad Days. Eleven tracks clock in at just under 35 minutes, and DeMarco’s music asks little more of its listeners than simply pressing play and maybe getting high. Mac makes great couch sitting music. Musically, […]
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Willie Schube ordered Caesar’s salad at Caesar’s Palace. It’s hard to sound both uninterested and engaging. Few do it better than Mac DeMarco, who’s turned that sort of slacker pop into an art form. His music is surprisingly nuanced and cohesive—signifiers not typically assigned to the jangle-y glam rock DeMarco creates. But what sets DeMarco […]
I quit smoking five years ago, but when I first heard Mac DeMarco’s “Ode to Viceroy”— an exquisite song about the budget Canadian cigarette manufacturer — I was so stricken by its charms that I started to feel the itch again. DeMarco is just that good. Hailing from western Canada and now living in Brooklyn, […]