Nardwuar 1017 vs. Waka Flocka November 14, 2012
Things uncovered: Waka Flocka is a huge fan of SWV, salt and vinegar chips, Kilo Ali, Hitman Sammy Sam, Slick Rick, and Kool G Rap. Also: people occasionally call Wooh Da Kid by the more regal-sounding, Wooh Da King. Also, also: Wooh Da King finds SWV very very very sexy. You might dislike Waka Flocka’s […]
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Nardwuar the Human Serviette is a squawky voiced, tartan-wearing Canadian who knows more about his interviewees than they do. The man previously called John Ruskin uses his encyclopedic knowledge of music to shock, impress and enlighten. His unorthodox approach includes asking his targets who they are, giving them presents and freezing in a wide mouthed […]