Nardwuar the Human Serviette is a squawky voiced, tartan-wearing Canadian who knows more about his interviewees than they do. The man previously called John Ruskin uses his encyclopedic knowledge of music to shock, impress and enlighten. His unorthodox approach includes asking his targets who they are, giving them presents and freezing in a wide mouthed […]
Narduwar Vs. Flying Lotus October 28, 2012
In which the pair talk Dre, obscure jazz records loosely connected to Lotus and parking lots. Narduwar has a career in the CIA ahead of him if the gifts and guerrilla school of journalism doesn’t pan out.
Riff Raff Meets Narduwar October 4, 2012
“Nah, that ain’t my ensemble.” Stock up on your Versace turntables.
In which, the pair talk DJ Spanish Fly, Memphis hamburger joints, Interstate BBQ, Willie Hutch, Audio Two, Johnnie Taylor, Tela, how to get two snowbunnies into a bathtub, and trippy sticks. If Narduwar was on Adventures in Hollywood, it never would’ve been canceled. Deen’s late-period Juicy J comp remains groovy. You should download it if […]
In which the Into the Wild Tour meets the Canuck eccentric interview king. El gets a Criminal Minded USB chain, a Biz Markie doll, Fat Boys vinyl, and reveals that his business card says: he’s white, but he’s dope.
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