Paul Thompson hits blunts hard as Ray Mercer “Mama should have cuffed me to the radiator” – Nas, 1999 The critical revisionism on It Was Written is a good thing. In recent years, Nas’ sophomore effort has finally been recognized as the frantic, vital look at New York that it is—all affecting crime tales and […]
When Nas yells that it feels like the 90s in here, it’s because they look they’re having fun. The problem with most older rappers is that the music feels like a joyless exercise, a studied attempt to remember the adrenaline of their youth. Illmatic was nobody’s idea of a “fun” record and I’ve always thought […]
“Back when I was young there was massive niggas, but I past them niggas just being nasty nigga.” If you read that line without context, it’s ostensibly unremarkable. If you remember when Nasir still had the “Nasty” in front of his name, it’s both a commentary on greatness and rap history. By the time Nas […]
Deen is in a New Jersey state of mind. I’ve been trying to convince a good friend of mine that Nas is really God’s one and true son in the form of a rapper. In other words, he’s the GOAT and failing that, I hope to at least convince said friend that he’s worth listening […]
By Deen
In which Deen plays God. Its been approximately six weeks since I heard and later bought Nas’, Life Is Good. In that time, I’ve probably given the album around 110 listens – top to bottom (makes me wonder how I managed to listen to anything else). It’s safe to say that like most observers, I […]
By Deen
Jonah Bromwich made Rick Ross take off his sunglasses for this picture. So Nas just made one of rap’s first great mature albums. It’s hard to describe the dull anticipation that “mature” conjures up in connection to rap. At best, mature albums are  showcases for craftsmanship and deft rhyming that don’t stick in your mind […]
Deen wishes Usher would sing about his Cavaliers stake more often. “3 Kings” is underwhelming as all the fucks in the world. I’m sorry. It’s beginning to feel as if I’m intentionally being douchey in regards to all things Rick Rawse, but I swear that isn’t the case. He’s just not bringing it. I ain’t […]
By Deen
Doc Zeus rocks Roberto Cavalli/no shirt on/convertible Mazy I can’t get past that cover. Here is an accomplished man, impeccably tailored with the watch and liquor to match, sequestered in the back room of a lavish night club. He sits lonesome. A green wedding dress has been carefully laid across his lap while he stares […]
Intro inscribed illiodically by Zilla Rocca. The Firm’s self-titled album sold a million copies…and was universally considered a colossal failure, so much so that Eminem took a shot at it when he ghostwrote Dre’s verse on “Forgot about Dre”. The project was such a travesty that it fractured the relationship of one the most talented […]
Deen’s only problem with the 90s is that the word “Fanute” had yet to be discovered. I could only listen to this once. But that’s because I’ve heard enough from Life Is Good at this point and want to salvage that initial listening experience by avoiding further leaks. Still. HOLY SHIT! This is excellent and […]
By Deen
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