Amidst the nu-metal revival, Pete Hunt dives into the nine best nu-metal x hip-hop collaborations.
Douglas Martin waxes poetic on a highlight from the Detroit MC's latest album.
Joel Biswas swims through the abyss of '90s/early 2000s rap-rock to track down the best (and worst) of the genre.
Dewey Decibel is freestyling right now over coffee and brunch This summer mix is a compilation of my top played tracks in my iTunes right now, an eclectic mixture of tracks that I have been banging on the regular. There is usually a track that comes along while I am grinding on some graphic design […]
When Nas yells that it feels like the 90s in here, it’s because they look they’re having fun. The problem with most older rappers is that the music feels like a joyless exercise, a studied attempt to remember the adrenaline of their youth. Illmatic was nobody’s idea of a “fun” record and I’ve always thought […]
Zilla Rocca recently told me that in the All-Time Great rap nerd debates, he’d put Busta Rhymes over Eminem. His point was that over the last decade, there hasn’t been one Shady moment that made him want to rap on the spot. Busta has had about 15 of those during the same time span. The […]
Harold Stallworth would like to thank his connect. If I hadn’t already submitted my fall mixtape to upper management, I’d probably reserve my newfound obsession with go-go bands for the next round of seasonal compilations and offer up a collaborative history of Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip instead. “Thank You,” the lead single from Extinction Level […]
Deen has yet to record a shirtless “freestyle.” So I’ve been listening to this new Roc Marciano album quite a bit. It’s quite good. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be reading a review around these parts soon enough. Just not from me. I’m lazy and lack the depth required to reflect on rap […]
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