Girl Unit is in Hysterics February 6, 2015
As far as second acts go, Girl Unit's re-invention as Hysterics sets the gold standard for producer seeking to shed their old sounds without losing what made their music so special.
Brian Josephs is budgeting now for a Boosie guest feature. If you’ve been reading think pieces and reviews on LA-based R&B artist Kelela, chances are you’ve seen the name Brandy thrown around quite a bit. It’s not a forced comparison either; Kelela herself said, “I would like to do Brandy but weirder.” The two are […]
Bok Bok and Kerala go R&G August 9, 2013
Son Raw seen it like 27 inch Zenith – believe it. I called it two years ago: instrumental Grime is having a moment. While Big Room House continues to make inroads into the UK pop charts, the underground is erupting with new talent finding inspiration in the twisted synths and broken drum patterns perfected by […]
Look at him now, look at him now…Son Raw‘s grading papeeeerrrrrssss. Some additional mixology for your weekend. Night Slugs cofounder Bok Bok’s official mix can and must be described with the following words: funky, neon, rude, sexy, future-forward, dubwise, underground, London-centric, druggy, grimy, urban and perhaps most importantly: essential. Sometimes it’s best to forget about […]
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Son Raw is collaborating with a bassoonist. This was bound to happen sooner or later. London label Night Slugs’ love of street wear and rap music knows no limits even as the squad spends most of its creative energy transmuting those influences into a twisted version of urban house. Meanwhile, the Main Attraktionz have been […]
Releasing a successful album can be a double-edged sword, especially for new artists or someone that’s never been in the spotlight. Touring and publicity can become a poisonous combination for those lacking a relatively well-adjusted background, and for some they may just feel like an unnecessary bore. Luckily, Egyptrixx (real name David Psutka), has found […]
Sach O’s all about some hardcore (yeah he likes it raw) I’m a little torn here. Against all odds, Jacques Greene manages to rescue straight-up deep House, a genre of music I’ve always identified with jet-setting human beings best not urinated on in cases of spontaneous combustion, and pushes it into a bass music framework. […]
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Sach O gets mad when people talk about “Canadian” electronic music – as if the whole country’s supposed to sound the same. Had Egyptrixx’s Toronto origins not been prominently advertised in interviews, I’d have probably assumed that he was yet another UK producer on the come-up given Bible Eyes’ funky foundation and sense of space. […]
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