Sach O’s all about some hardcore (yeah he likes it raw)

I’m a little torn here. Against all odds, Jacques Greene manages to rescue straight-up deep House, a genre of music I’ve always identified with jet-setting human beings best not urinated on in cases of spontaneous combustion, and pushes it into a bass music framework. He’s also got fantastic taste in R&B, the smoother the better and he’s clearly not in it for the trendiness – dude regularly pulls out deep cuts highlighting an extensive knowledge of all things velvety. This combination makes for a sophisticated listening experience that sounds like it should be accompanied by bottle service, models and bouncers…thing is I hate bottle service and bouncers and generally prefer my electronic music with angry people rapping, faster tempos and the occasional distorted bass line. Puffy is good but Wu-Tang is for the children.

Issues of class and hardcore ethos aside however, I can’t deny that the MTL native has done our city proud, guest-spinning on the mighty Rinse FM and remixing Katy B’s upcoming single – something unbelievable considering our comparatively low profile in EDM worldwide. Point blank, dude fits in with the current Night Slugs/Lucky Me/Numbers axis of pop-leaning underground urban beats like a glove (I’ll give you a minute to process that convoluted description) AND every single he’s released has been A-material. I’d be a hater to deny it. The aforementioned Rinse session mixes sugary sweet R&B vocals with deep House to great effect, bringing back memories of the TRL era and pairing them to mature grooves. The real kicker though comes in the back half when dude kicks it up a proverbial notch: new Rustie, cheezy Wayne, old Dizzee Rascal and tons of other uninhibited choices that make a strong argument for getting the DJ drunk. It’s compulsively listenable if you’ve got even the slightest inclination for froth and otherwise still ropes you in with its equal emphasis on percussion and groove. As long as I can wear my fucked up kicks and ripped jeans to the dance and not have to get past some velvet rope, I’m down.

MP3: Jacques Greene @ Rinse.FM

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