Chris Daly is cool, Chris Daly is fast French beat legend, Mr. Flash (who the well informed will recall dropped the first album on the Ed Banger label back in ’03), is getting ready to drop his proper debut, “Sonic Crusader,” this June. To prepare the uninitiated, Flash has dropped his first single, “Number One,” […]
More trippy visuals from Alchemist and company, who are doing the Leary’s work when it comes to re-defining psychedelic rap. Dare Iz a Darkside should have been one of the most influential albums of its time. Alas. Let’s not make the same mistake twice. Vodka & Ayahuasca and Russian Roulette are now available at your […]
Aaron Frank rolls up spliffs longer than hockey sticks.  Rappers bragging about their weed habits is nothing new–especially in a year like 2010, with Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, and Rick Ross hogging the sativa spotlight. But in 2008, when the Gangrene collaboration between Alchemist and Oh No was first announced, Jim Jones and Lil Wayne prominently […]
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