Butterz' Royal-T returns with an EP firmly planting him in the conversation for Grime's top producers out right now.
It’s Son Raw, again, he’ll turn up with a fat on again. Butterz on Rinse: half short and twice strong. Though the crew’s radio presence has once again folded into Elijah & Skilliam’s flagship show (with alternating hosts Royal-T and Swindle), this week’s episode definitely qualifies as a must-listen and a potent reminder that they’re […]
Son Raw still wants Royal’s Dizzee Rascal refix. It’s never a bad time for a reminder that Royal-T’s debut album for Rinse.FM is one of the best listens of the year. Any record that combines high-energy rhymes, Burial tributes and over the top rave anthems will hold a special place in my heart but all […]
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Grime Roundup: Album edition September 27, 2012
Oh you know Son Raw wasn’t going to let these slip, right? Repeat after me: Grime is not an album genre. While the most dedicated fans might disagree, the general consensus about Grime is that it’s heyday was an era of pirate broadcasts and 12 inch singles, completely divorced from the album medium. Even mixtapes […]