Son Raw is back on his bizzy A tension between sonic variety and cohesiveness is the lifeblood of a music scene. Too much similarity and things get formulaic – think Brostep, Arena Drum & Bass or bone-dry Tech House. Open things up too much however, and you’re likely to hear artists writing concept albums about […]
Son Raw still wants Royal’s Dizzee Rascal refix. It’s never a bad time for a reminder that Royal-T’s debut album for Rinse.FM is one of the best listens of the year. Any record that combines high-energy rhymes, Burial tributes and over the top rave anthems will hold a special place in my heart but all […]
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August Grime Round up August 30, 2012
Son Raw just got back from NYC. Here’s some recent listening from his ride back up state. Elijah Vs. Shiftee: USA meets UK mixtape This kind of cross-cultural meeting of minds rarely ends up as anything substantial since the gulf between what’s going on in the UK and the US rarely allows for any direct […]