Off the Books returns with a look at Scarface's 2015 memoir, Diary of a Madman
Jimmy Ness talks with Rap-A-Lot legend, N.O Joe about producing for Scarface, Bun B, Pimp C, Jay Z, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, 2Pac, and more!
Scarface: No Problems April 23, 2014
The key to remaining a scathing and powerful gangsta rapper at 44 years old is remaining indignant, using being bi-polar as a boast, and having a voice like a Sumerian Thunder God. Also, being Scarface. Brad Jordan was on Combat Jack recently strumming the guitar to the tune of Pink Floyd because he is the […]
Max Bell only trick or treats when Halloween falls on a weekend. On The ‘Ol Soul EP Alpoko Don elevated pen and table raps to heights, and depths, seldom heard. It was a marked improvement from the comparatively lackluster mixtape Plugged In he’d released prior, which suffered from fairly generic and tepid production. Now that Alpoko Don […]
Abe Beame is back. It’s been said that sorrow is nothing but worn out joy. If so, this is the thin line Brad Jordan that has walked for over a decade. Sadness is often overlooked in analysis’s of rap’s history. Granted, its becoming increasingly relevant in contemporary hip-hop, with frequent hang-wringing over the perils of […]
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