No stranger to insanely ambitious (or flat-out insane) projects, Abe Beame attempts to settle the debate over the greatest 5 mic album once and for all.
Off the Books returns with a look at Scarface's 2015 memoir, Diary of a Madman
Jimmy Ness talks with Rap-A-Lot legend, N.O Joe about producing for Scarface, Bun B, Pimp C, Jay Z, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, 2Pac, and more!
Now working in safety at oil refineries in H-Town, Lil' Troy talks making "Baller," his beef with Scarface, and the time Prince told him his shit was dope.
Torii MacAdams just finished wiping his car down Summer jams are supposed to be breezy, feel-good anthems, girding the assumption that shit is sweet. It’s easy to view summertime with soft-focus nostalgia, especially in Southern California, a supposed paradise marketed to doe-eyed outsiders since the mid-Nineteenth Century. The truth is, the proverbial shit ain’t sweet, […]
Scarface: No Problems April 23, 2014
The key to remaining a scathing and powerful gangsta rapper at 44 years old is remaining indignant, using being bi-polar as a boast, and having a voice like a Sumerian Thunder God. Also, being Scarface. Brad Jordan was on Combat Jack recently strumming the guitar to the tune of Pink Floyd because he is the […]
Max Bell only trick or treats when Halloween falls on a weekend. On The ‘Ol Soul EP Alpoko Don elevated pen and table raps to heights, and depths, seldom heard. It was a marked improvement from the comparatively lackluster mixtape Plugged In he’d released prior, which suffered from fairly generic and tepid production. Now that Alpoko Don […]
Drew Millard’s interview game is hotter. His secret is avoiding air-conditioned rooms at all costs. Interviews are inherently odd. They’re the closest thing a music fan can get to discovering what a musician is “actually like.” It feels dirty not to put quotes around that phrase because the interview is often a performative conversation and […]