Some smooth leather seats and Cadillac rap for a Wednesday evening — with a boxing bout or two to toughen us up. Taken from DaVinci’s MOEna Lisa. The new Shady Blaze video is below the jump because he raps too well and there is no amount of Bay Area bud that can make him mellow.
Shady Blaze Be Truth January 16, 2013
Shady Blaze rap fast. Shady Blaze got sickest flow. Shady Blaze not be fake. Shady Blaze take slow jam and make it street. Shady Blaze be called crazy. Shady Blaze have .45. Shady Blaze does want to have to use .45. Shady Blaze be 5th chapter of Green Ova. Shady Blaze be high as hell. […]
Part of me will always be mournful for the slow decline of regional sounds. That’s not to say that regionalism doesn’t exist. It always will. When I went to Baton Rouge, the people there had minimal interest in hearing anything made north of Atlanta. Between Bronson and Roc Marc, this is one of the best […]
Reasons why I’m skeptical about this mixtape: it’s tracklist looks like it was cynically constructed to create blog buzz among the 12 bloggers and 12,000 readers who might recognize the names on this tracklist (Slow Motion Sounds, Ryan Hemsworth, Main Attractionz, Tree, Boldy James, and a co-opted Lunice beat for the cherry on top). Reasons […]
Shady Blaze wake up. Shady Blaze stretch. Shady Blaze cut up the paper. Shady Blaze break up the dro. Shady Blaze be grouchy. Shady Blaze light it up. Shady Blaze feel better. Shady Blaze go to the store.  Shady Blaze handle beef in the streets. Shady Blaze trust no one. Shady Blaze observe things. Shady […]
Shady Blaze spits syllables like a Gatling gun and his rapid fire flows have 90s rap fans reminiscing over smoking sessions to “Thuggish Ruggish Bone.” Despite his close friendship with fellow Oakland natives Main Attrakionz, Blaze doesn’t just make cloud-rap or whatever else bloggers want to call it. Instead the Green Ova soldier rhymes with […]
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Holy East 1999 Eternal. I’ve been yelling like a banshee all year about Shady Blaze so it’s cool to see him garnering attention of late. This is struggle rap at its most weightless. The countdown starts to the first trend piece on the influence of Bone Thugs in contemporary hip hop. A$AP, Gibbs, Shady Blaze…fill […]
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Within Oakland’s Green Ova Underground crew, Main Attractionz attract most of the attention. “Attention” being relative to the minor maze of the rap blog world. If what I’m saying doesn’t make any sense, allow me to point you to Yours Truly’s new video that breaks down the group and their home terrain. But for my […]