Son Raw is dreader than dread. Of all of Keysound Records’ qualities, and there are many, perhaps the most notable is the label’s hunger for progression. While artists and labels on both sides of Dubstep’s noise/dance divide have responded to larger audiences by smoothing out their rough edges and generally becoming more accessible, the house […]
HGLDT reflects on the void November 13, 2012
Son Raw keeps a full fridge. When I last spoke to HGLDT (in the back of a rather smoky car on a deserted Canadian highway for those keeping score), he laid out as concise a mission statement as any for his new record: the tempo’s changed, there’s a few extra drums but what matters to […]
Photo by Miguel Legault Sach O danced so much that day, he sweat through his shirt. Untold’s set at Piknic will undoubtedly go down as a summer highlight around here: nothing like dope beats, a massive soundsystem, perfect weather and a beautiful sunset to end a great weekend. While our late night interview with the […]
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What a difference a Panda Bear makes. Enlisting the endangered member of Animal Collective to appear on the gorgeous “Stick to My Side” ensured enough goodwill for German minimal techno master Pantha Du Prince to overcome the fact that he favors capes and Fassbinder to American Apparel and Wes Anderson. Of course, the switch to […]
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