Alex Koenig gave Julian Casablancas his first vocal filter. The easiest thing to believe about the Strokes’ style is that it’s effortless, as if the New York quintet wakes up from a night of booze-fueled debauchery and improvises their outfits. But the easiest thing to believe would be false: the boys’ off-the-cuff posturizing is as […]
Alex Koenig invented leather jogging jackets. In 2001, restless indie-rock fans wondered who would revitalize rock and roll. There’s a reason why the title of the Strokes’s debut, Is This It, wasn’t punctuated with a question mark– the music was the answer. Without that record, the Arctic Monkeys would have delved into a deluge of […]
Douglas Martin is completely willing to be The Strokes’ Billy Preston. I. A decade ago– almost to the day– a pack of skinny, preternaturally good-looking white boys were unknowingly given the task of “saving rock ‘n roll”. Wearing messy hair, vintage duds, and nonchalance that approached radioactive levels, The Strokes were touted as the band– […]