Slava P unlocked Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter account for him. Canadian-bred talent has always suffered from little brother syndrome when it comes to the USA. It’s easy to quantify success when you relate it to existing examples that have been established south of the border, but it’s also lazy. Good music should rest on its own […]
If you haven’t read Slava P’s interview with Donald Glover, you should. One of the only things that Torontonians can agree upon isĀ  that A-Game, the local identical twin rappers, had last year’s song of the summer with “Money Made Me Do It.” It was catchy, joyous and illogical (who buys a crib after they’ve […]
Slava P’s spirit animal is the Cheshire owl. When Drake released his power ballad-wedding song, “Hold On We’re Going Home” last week, he credited an artist by the name of Majid Jordan for the production and back-up vocals. It didn’t take long for Spin’s investigative journalists to unearth the fact that Majid Jordan is actually […]
Slava P has reviewed 83 of the Toronto pharmacies on Yelp. If you’ve been paying attention to the emerging Toronto music scene, you may recognize Big Lean as the rapper who was able to snag a Chief Keef cameo before Keith went to jail (the first time) in addition to Chinx Drugz & Juicy J […]
Slava P is the Wale fanclub founding member/victim. Believe it or not, Toronto is currently one of the most hip-hop locations in North America. A number of things play into this claim. There’s local incubators like The Remix Project (which helped Drake’s wingman 40 hone his skills) to our controversial battle-rap landscape which hosts competitions […]