Jordan Pedersen killed Laura Palmer. Mystique sells. Just about the entire indie R&B outfit – the Weeknd, BenZel, Rhye, How to Dress Well – parachuted into the game under cover of darkness. Where are these guys from? Is it a band or a producer project? Is there someone *famous* involved?! But mystery only gets you […]
In the wake of a post-M.I.A., Santi, and Nicki world, it’s worth re-evaluating the catalog of Neneh Cherry, the one who taught the world that a buffalo stance was more than a Bruce Smith pose. In ’88, her massive hit fused rap, roots music and UK dance in a way that was far less corny […]
Till Late magazine described the Leeds-based septet Submotion Orchestra as “drawing upon dubstep, soul, ambient electronica, jazz and dub, their unique music is at once delicate and heavy, spacious and dense, highly atmospheric but firmly rooted. Earth-shaking bass and drums combine with lush keyboard and trumpet textures to create the perfect bed for the fragile […]
The Belle Jaar February 21, 2011
Nicolas Jaar has the sort of precocity that inspires immediate envy. Check the resume: he’s 21, a Brown University literature student, and spent a significant amount of time in Chile, affording him the ability to seduce significant others with a few significant clauses in his Romantic language of choice. Que Buen suerte. He boasts all […]
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