On 'Who Sold My Soul?' the collaborative partners escaped to Lisbon and tapped back into joy of creation.
POW premieres the latest single from Daedelus' forthcoming 'What Wands Won't Break.'
POTW premieres the newest track from Adam Scone's Scone Cash Players project.
POTW premieres "False Alarm," the first single from Jonah Levine's World Galaxy debut, Attention Deficit.
Chris Daly gets the hips moving with the latest track from I, CED, premiering exclusively on Passion of the Weiss.
Andre Martel is sculpting Perfect Statues
Dust off your reggae and dancehall playlists, actual Jamaicans, weed smokers, barbecuers, ackee and saltfish eaters, and cultural tourists, it’s nearly summer.
The NYC rapper gives off that old school feeling without coming across as dated.
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Jordan Pedersen killed Laura Palmer. Mystique sells. Just about the entire indie R&B outfit – the Weeknd, BenZel, Rhye, How to Dress Well – parachuted into the game under cover of darkness. Where are these guys from? Is it a band or a producer project? Is there someone *famous* involved?! But mystery only gets you […]