Max Bell is money holda, shot caller, blunt smoker, hot roller “I don’t like Drake as a person. He’s just fake to me.” – Tyga There is an alternate universe where Tyga is added to “No New Friends.” When Drake learns of the addition he runs home from the studio to comfort himself by drinking champagne […]
The Young Money Rapper Talks Working With Kanye, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, DJ Mustard, and much more.
“Modernity.” Defined by posting a new old demo of a Nina Simone song on a website and then following it up with a song by a rapper named D-Lo whose Twitter name is “Mr. No Ho.” Maybe a more accurate definition is reading your Facebook feed and seeing a mayonnaise-white 25-year old girl with an […]
Alchemist and Oh No once lectured me against the inhalation of Romulan, but I won’t hold it against E-40. Once you have invented more verbs than Vladimir Nabokov, you get the greenlight to burn half-bunk strains of bud. What’s amazing about Fonzarelli and Todd Shaw is that these two continue to show no signs of […]
Tyga feat. Kurupt & YG – Bitch Betta Have My Money from Terrell Johnson on Vimeo. Tyga is like some unholy swagtation of Mase and Ja Rule. In five years, he very well could be a punchline. Hell, Spaceghost made him a punchline last year. However, he will be a rich punchline with a very […]
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Has any song in recent memory been more than the sum of its parts than “Rack City?” Tyga’s best case scenario is Mase and since Young Money already has its Mase in Drake, that would make Tyga the new Loon. But before he becomes a Islamic Fundamentalist, we will always have his chimerical myth about […]
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