The Douglas Martin sabbatical sadly endures, but the bands that his column has championed stay scheming. You might remember Woods from such albums as Echo Lake and Sun & Shade, or front man Jeremy Earl’s work in turning Woodsist into the Loud Records of the late 00s underground psych scene. Sorta. In this scenario, the […]
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Douglas Martin is Russell Westbrook’s spirit animal. Not to undercut my entire post before I even start it, but if you plan on listening to either volume of White Fence‘s Family Perfume, you should listen to both of them all the way through. I understand that you are likely a very busy person with a […]
Douglas Martin is still waiting for Women and Wolf Parade to return, but Woods’ are helping palliate his sorrows. Nobody would have faulted Woods for taking a break. The Brooklyn band– whose Jeremy Earl runs frighteningly consistent indie label Woodsist, whose Jarvis Taveniere runs Rear House Studios, whose Kevin Norby plays in a number of […]
Douglas Martin tried for months to style his hair like the Reid Brothers. He eventually decided to invest in more hats. If you feel Royal Baths sound a little familiar, that’s because they are. The bass-heavy rhythm section and balmy analog production is reminiscent of all-time greats The Velvet Underground, while the drilling, distorted guitars […]
With this being his second featured artist from the label in as many days, Douglas Martin is clearly trying to be put on the Woodsist payroll. Long removed from the heyday of the various hip-hop crews roaming the dark streets of Philadelphia (the almost-phenomenal State Property, the almost-laughable Major Figgas) and even farther from that […]
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Douglas Martin can see the woods for the trees.  Jeremy Earl is a busy man. As the mastermind behind Woodsist, he’s quietly pushed the tiny, DIY, Brooklyn-based label to the forefront of the indie-rock landscape, spearheading the new wave of lo-fi bands flooding the marketplace and incubating for some of underground rock’s big-name groups (Vivian […]
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