Will Schube usually be holding Tim Presley doesn’t spend much time dawdling on “Like That”, his latest single under the White Fence moniker. Within seconds, Presley’s finely tuned machine is off and running. It packs serious punch in its less-than-three-minutes run time. A brief guitar introduction (reminiscent of Girls’ “Lust for Life”) immediately gives way […]
Aaron Frank is a swagger veteran. Those staying in tune to the garage rock scene are well aware of Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees’ recent quest for world domination. Over the past few years, these two artists have toured and released albums nonstop. Their massive contributions with Carrion Crawler and Sinners are sincerely applauded. […]
Douglas Martin is a pioneer of modern National Basketball Association fashion. For this piece, I was considering a long-ass intro, detailing the dearth of Dirty Shoes this year. I could claim to have taken a mental health day — er, half-year, but that’s not the whole truth. I could claim that I was busy getting […]
Roughly 45 minutes after writing about how it’s inane to compare someone to the Beatles or Wu-Tang, White Fence drops another song obviously indebted to the sounds of John Lennon circa Revolver. But that’s become a sub-genre in its own right, one obviously worn out by 2013. But there’s something about Tim Presley’s music that […]
The Top 50 Albums of 2012 December 24, 2012
On a Previous Episode of the Passion of the Weiss: The Top 50 Albums of: 2011; 2010; 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 50. House Shoes – Let it Go [Tres] No best album list is complete without something from Detroit. Nowhere else is as no frills and unvarnished. It operates as a palate cleanser to remind […]
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Douglas Martin is Russell Westbrook’s spirit animal. Not to undercut my entire post before I even start it, but if you plan on listening to either volume of White Fence‘s Family Perfume, you should listen to both of them all the way through. I understand that you are likely a very busy person with a […]