Montana Meets Mykonos October 11, 2010
Beyond the Crooklyn Dodgers drop on his BTS mix, the mixtape MC release pace, and a name that calls to mind an ironic Butte-based white rapper, it’s clear how much classic hip hop production factors into Young Montana’s aesthetic. With the glory days of sampling long gone, Montana takes an almost traditionalist tack to his […]
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Heat Stroke and Sacre Cool September 27, 2010
The mercury was a mocking 113 this afternoon, making recovery from Off the Books impossible. Slurred recollections and crystalline images will come later. In brief, Mount Kimbie came through and crushed the buildings, holding 200 people-plus hostage until 1:00 a.m. on a Monday morning.  Shlohmo remixed “Pretty Boy Swag” until he looked like Jesus, and […]
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Young Montana hails from Coventry, so it’s a safe bet that he didn’t derive his name from the San Francisco 49ers string of Hall of Fame quarterbacks. I’m guessing it’s a British variant on American rap names–one that makes me want to tout him as that new dope boi Yung Montana. That said, G-Side would […]
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