Following a somewhat lengthy trial process, Chris Daly was adopted by his birth parents at a reasonable age.  Since barely avoiding a serious head wound caused by a harmonica thrown into the audience at his first concert (thanks a lot, Huey Lewis), Chris Daly has recognized a burning, almost syphilis-like lust for music in his blood.  Having no discernable talent with any instrument beyond the triangle, he did what all wanna-be musicians do and turned to criticism.

Fueled largely by his desire to befriend third world rap groups, he has written for a number of prominent music blogs over the years, namely, seven.  Chris Daly previously took break dancing lessons from one of the dancers at a local amusement park, but typically only mentions this when challenged by lesser B-Boys.  His moves still are talked about in hushed circles by the three participants in the Greatest Break Dance Off Ever Held at a Piggly-Wiggly Brand Conference.  Sadly, his love for beatboxing does not match his capabilities to do the same.  Currently, he is trying to teach his newborn the art of baby ninjitsu.  While not “really” that into furries, he does recognize their keen sense of fashion, an ability he one day aspires to have himself.  For even lamer puns and the occasional quadruple entendre, Chris Daly also writes regularly at