Writing about yourself in the third person is weird. I’m from New Zealand, but currently live in Vancouver. No I’m not a hobbit.

I love travelling, humor and music. I would really love to be a music journalist, but for the moment I’m just a regular journalist. I’ve been blogging/writing for years, but you can find most of my recent and decent stuff at the creatively named www.jimmyness.com.

I’ve been to 9 countries, hoping to see more soon.

Like the rest of the PotW team, I pray at the temple of Ghostface Killah. But I also hold a special place in my heart for the Notorious BIG, 90s R&B, Swedish space Metal, olives and basketball.

You get the point: young man, Ghost stan, olive fan, I wanna see Japan.

If you’re from Rolling Stone and you’re reading this, contact me at [email protected]. Luckily, everyone else can speak to me there too.