Kyle Ellison loves the Top Gun soundtrack A breakout hit on the scale of Chance’s Acid Rap doesn’t just burn bright and fade away, its embers continue to crackle and spark. Eventually they’ll settle, but in the meantime it’s just as likely that the wind will change and reignite flickers into flames. Before I run […]
Chance The Rapper released one of the years best albums. You already know. But you may not know how he got to where he is today. These illustrations from Brad Beatson will help.  When school said fuck Chance, Chance said fuck school (Graduation night teachers Ferris Bueller’d my name, Fun fact / I’m never going back […]
Tosten Burks looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the plug-in Hummer. When you listen to new music every day, it’s easy to be cynical. You’re looking for music to prove itself to you. This is what breeds the sexploitation of cynical music. What critics love the most is counter-traditionalism. Rebellion. The “new.” But then there’s music […]