If not wearing pants is cool, you can call Dweez Miles Davis. “I love women. I never needed any help or ever had any trouble finding women. I just like to be with them, talking and shit like that. But I never have messed with a musician’s girlfriend. Never. Even if she hadn’t been with […]
Dweez hasn’t stopped listening to Hotter Than July since July. “It was hot, unnaturally so. You dig? The kind of heat that changes your mood and your attitude. A nondiscriminating hope-to-God-some-cold-beer’s-waiting-that-I-can-bathe-in hot. Like a combination microwave and a dame with big tits on Spanish Fly rubbing up against you like she wants to melt you […]
One year ago, Dweez joined Audiopharmacy on the first three days of the Indonesia portion of their U.S. Government sponsored Pacific tour. As the debate rages on about “America’s Hip-Hop Foreign Policy,” here is the view from the ground. The band splits into two taxis and journeys to the outskirts of Jakarta. The drivers get […]
Dweez may embed impersonations of the authors discussed within each post. I lived in Spain, Brazil, and China during the last decade. I spent nights in Maputo and Malmö camped on stranger’s couches. I rode buses to Bahia and Bordeaux crunched between uncouth passengers. I visited the Khmer Rouge torture chambers in Cambodia and saw […]