West Coast Round Up July 21, 2014
Max Bell is starring opposite Robert DeNiro in “Meet the Flockers 2” Last week was a long week for various reasons. Rap and reefer helped. The Cali cure is generally best. Below are some of the latest offerings from L.A. rappers I played during that time. It’s a markedly mixed bag, comprised of veterans, gangsters, […]
Evan Nabavian’s favorite Ghost is Dennis Coles. Rap fans’ years of bellyaching about radio pandering left them bereft of rappers who can rap well and make songs with real musicality. The infighting created an ideological divide between rappers with skill and rappers with style (oversimplifying, of course) where hooks and catchiness fell in the latter […]
Max Bell is headed overseas.  Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Maryland, Los Angeles—Azizi Gibson has never not been on the move. Raised as perpetually mobile military brat, he has no real hometown. As a result, it seems he’s not bound by any particular regional sound or set of aesthetic criteria. There’s no scholarly (read: sometimes cringingly derivative) adherence […]