Harold Stallworth is aging gracefully. Last Friday evening, a dear friend was kind enough to offer me a spare ticket to a concert they were contracted to review. The Smoker’s Club Tour was hosted by The Fillmore, a 2,000-patron capacity theater located in downtown Silver Spring, Md., not far from my favorite cluster of record […]
Harold Stallworth came to boogie. As a D.C. transplant and newcomer to the conga-driven sound of go-go, I’m certainly not qualified to encapsulate the genre’s last 40-odd years into a 63-minute playlist. So consider this mixtape to be a haphazard collection of odds and ends rather than a definitive canonization. I was introduced to jazz […]
Harold Stallworth is washing money at the Laundromat. Numbers may not outright fib, but more often than not they only tell half the story. Soundscan can’t explain why Meek Mill is far more likely to be heard blaring in god-awful D.C. traffic than most of his RIAA-certified contemporaries. The closest thing we have to a […]