The Rap Up: Week of 11/17 November 17, 2017
The Rap Up returns with the new from WIFIGAWD, Lancey Foux, Remy Ma, and uh Eminem and Beyonce
An interview between Dres from Black Sheep and Marco Polowise about race in America.
Her new documentary points toward many future, lucrative legacy tours, and little else.
Abe Beame got you looking so crazy right now I’m going to risk pretension by stating that while I’m not immune to following the lives of the artists I follow, it’s their work that matters most to me. TMZ culture has changed the way we interact with celebrity, the lives of the artists we love […]
Jonah Bromwich will not be anyone’s “blueberry lollipop,” just so you know. I’m not at the point where I can get specific with numerals when rating The 20/20 Experience, but I feel comfortable saying that the album is “pretty good.”  I’ve listened to it about five times or so. While I can’t say how certain […]