This past Thursday, Hellfyre Club and Armand Hammer absolutely destroyed Mercury Lounge in Manhattan. Elucid, Billy Woods, Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, milo and Busdriver were a delight. Or so I thought. After the show, and after several drinks, we started talking about True Detective. Like everyone else across the country, we couldn’t wait for the show’s […]
 Paul Thompson goes hard like Old Testament God. Billy woods never shows his face. Press photos, videos, even Instagram posts with fans—he’s always hiding in the shadows. Understandably, it can be easy to forget that the enigmatic rapper has been a fixture in underground hip-hop for more than fifteen years now. Woods has not only […]
Jonah Bromwich knows but one wealthy industrialist. “Ephemera” initially seemed like the right word to describe Race Music. These are loose associations communing over semi-hardcore beats. Philly and D.C. kids, Elucid, Billy Woods, rapping as Armand Hammer, ripping wisdom-filled one liners all over the place. I don’t have it all together just yet. T-shirts and […]
Zilla Rocca takes a break from life as a Bourbon general to break down why Billy Woods is every otherground rapper’s favorite rapper. Superman sucks. Spider-Man is a bitch. But they both have day jobs. Billy Woods has a day job. I don’t know what it is, but he has one. He released an album […]