Ben Grenrock goes in on the new project from Elucid and Milo.
Cory Jreamz makes art-rap at its most jagged. Syllables are bayonets, references are re-arranged like toy furniture in the hands of a bored child.  He is the Black Marlon Brando, the Black Ernest Hemingway, 2Pac, David Lynch, but clearly none of those people. He’s taking his heroes and dismembering them so you only see the […]
Jonah Bromwich knows but one wealthy industrialist. “Ephemera” initially seemed like the right word to describe Race Music. These are loose associations communing over semi-hardcore beats. Philly and D.C. kids, Elucid, Billy Woods, rapping as Armand Hammer, ripping wisdom-filled one liners all over the place. I don’t have it all together just yet. T-shirts and […]
Open Mike Eagle finding the missing link between the M.E.T.H.O.D Man and cLOUDDEAD. This is so intense it should come with a hand towel and a Xanax. Production courtesy of the essential Ernest Gonzalez. There are lines in here so razor-sharp that they will make your soul slowly roast in a free-trade cast iron cauldron. […]