Jordan Pedersen is workinonit I don’t envy the instrumentalist. Us writers get all these words to establish a setting, tell a story. But he without words has to tell a story through sound and mood alone. It’s gotta be hard. That’s probably why most producers stick with the same milieu: Blaxploitation, dusty grooves, teased afros […]
I first heard Scotty thanks to DJ Burn One and their project “Summer Dreams.” Filled with Burn’s trademark country rap beats, Scotty expressed himself clearly and elegantly. He covers ground that you’d expect him to cover, but also focuses on finding positivity and hope. He has a laid back flow that you ride with. His […]
DJ Burn One’s country rap emerges out of a cloud of smoke vapors to warm the soul. His blues and funk-inspired sound adds an emotive dimension to Southern rap, one reminiscent of the classic UGK and Dungeon Family records. At 26, the Atlanta beat-smith makes the rest of us look like severe underachievers. Burn One […]