In which it is revealed that Nosaj Thing made the second half of the beat for “Pusha Man” from Acid Rap. This is probably my favorite moment on the album and I had previously assumed it was composed by Curtis Mayfield’s ghost. Wrong again. My review drops tomorrow on Pitchfork if you are interested. If […]
Slava P is better at Twitter than J Cole is at making you fall asleep.  If you were anywhere near a computer, you probably noticed that both J.Cole and Chance the Rapper released free mixtapes yesterday. It was the rap game analog to the NBA’s Rookie/Sophomore game. One team consisted of a player who has […]
Tosten Burks won signing day. The most annoying part about Finally Rich, aside from “Laughing to the Bank,” was the Chicago hip-hop narrative it encouraged the blog mafia to settle for. Drill this, drill that. As if the only thing this generation listened to in their youth was Gucci Mane. As if there wasn’t a […]
Joshua Lerner owns every Poor Righteous Teachers cassette. Today at school, I erased the dates of January from my dry-erase calendar and put in new ones for February. I thought about the 41 homicides we saw in Chicago last month, an 11-year record. Most think the murder rate will drop with the temperature as summer […]