Kyle Ellison loves the Top Gun soundtrack A breakout hit on the scale of Chance’s Acid Rap doesn’t just burn bright and fade away, its embers continue to crackle and spark. Eventually they’ll settle, but in the meantime it’s just as likely that the wind will change and reignite flickers into flames. Before I run […]
Peter Holslin ghost-wrote the music to Rugrats I know the lyrics to the Reading Rainbow theme by heart. And while it’s been a long time since I’ve watched that show, I can still dig the tripped-out synths and funky drums featured on the original recording from the series premiere in 1983. But, alas, PBS children’s […]
Brad Beatson is Grand like Puba Treated in black and white, this documentary chronicles the duo of DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn during a trip to Mexico as they find kush, encounter Spanish slang and gain intimate knowledge of the Monterrey sewage system. TEKLife is and will always be the best life.
Kyle Ellison lives his life like a candle in a wind tunnel Chance the Rapper is the kind of clumsy-ass Sesame Street rap name that we all wish we didn’t have to say out loud. For the most part you can get away with shortening it to Chance, but on a scale of 1 to […]
Tosten Burks deserves a day off. The Blogger and the Engineer The living room is not a living room – overstuffed couches swapped for 50 thousand dollars worth of studio equipment, tile floor crowded with new friends and old. A funky smoke lingers. They line up for the dining room that is not a dining […]
If you’re keeping track of the James Blake rap collaborations, his union with Chance the Rapper is superior to his one with RZA. But the RZA told me earlier today in an interview that “the world has the power to make it bong bong for everyone.” I was feeling sick and now I am healed, […]
Matthew Schonfeld is a classically trained theremin-rap master. Chicago’s Save Money crew is way more than just Chance The Rapper. The collective encompasses the sweeping diversity of Chicago’s arts culture. There are rappers, singers, painters, videographers, producers, and jazz musicians. Nico Segal fits somewhere in between — originally sitting as trumpet player for the defunct […]
Tosten Burks prefers root beer. I don’t think Vic Mensa thought his best friend would blow up before him. There’s just something about the way he goons around backstage at Chance shows waiting to spit his Cocoa Butter Kisses verse, not smiling, not really dancing, not even during the obligatory all-of-SaveMoney-wilds-out-on-stage moments. He’s still getting […]
Tosten Burks looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the plug-in Hummer. When you listen to new music every day, it’s easy to be cynical. You’re looking for music to prove itself to you. This is what breeds the sexploitation of cynical music. What critics love the most is counter-traditionalism. Rebellion. The “new.” But then there’s music […]